Профессиональный монтаж рекуператоров

Professional installation of recuperators

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PRANA-LUFT.dk - Mounting and installation of ventilation systems in the premises.

PRANA-LUFT dk performs design and installation of engineering systems which are connected with ventilation and heating. At the very beginning of the design process experienced company engineers take into consideration all the peculiarities of the premises where you plan to install the system. Due to state-of-the-art equipment and materials which are used doing this work, the company ensures long-lasting and maintenance free performance of the system after commissioning of a facility.

PRANA-LUFT dk installation personnel and engineers have great experience in designing and launching heating and ventilation systems. That is why we are trusted with such kind of work all around Europe.


Mounting of PRANA recuperators

A residential recuperator is mounted on the upper part of an external side of the wall. A hole of the appropriate diameter, depending on the model, is made with the help of a diamond drill:

"PRANA 150" (residential) - a hole is not less than 162 mm;
"PRANA 200G" (residential) - a hole is not less than 220 mm;
"PRANA 200C" (semi-industrial) - a hole is not less than 220 mm;

For example, how to mount "PRANA-150", "PRANA-200G", "PRANA-200C" recuperators.

The working module is installed in a hole in the wall using building foam or any other similar sealant. Thus, the entire working module is hidden inside the wall, only the ventilation grids are seen: one inside the premise, another on the façade. The through hole should be a slope of 3-5 degrees towards the outside. To ensure normal operation of the ventilation system, the air intake duct (outside) should project beyond the wall boundary for 5 mm at least.
The length of the working module should correspond to the thickness of the wall in which the installation will be carried out.
Installation of PRANA residential model line recuperators takes in average up to two hours.

Rekuperatora «PRANA-150», «PRANA-200G», «PRANA-200C» uzstādīšanas piemērs.

Mounting of an industrial model line of PRANA recuperators (PRANA-250, PRANA-340A, PRANA-340S)

The ventilation modules of the industrial series, designed for free placement inside a premise (PRANA-250 or PRANA-340S), are mounted to the load bearing surface with the help of collars or hangers. The intake and extract air ducts are connected to the ventilation system, depending on the ventilation system design.
If the working module of industrial series (PRANA-340A or PRANA-340S) is designed for installation in the wall, a hole must be drilled through the wall of the corresponding diameter, with the slope of 3-5 degrees outwards on the upper part of an external perimeter wall.
Recommended diameter of a hole for mounting for industrial recuperators:

PRANA 340A (industrial) – a hole of 350 mm;
PRANA 340S (industrial) – a hole of 350 mm.

Connection to the electric power system

PRANA ventilation system is connected to the fixed electric power system with voltage of 220V and frequency of 50Hz.
The device is controlled by a remote control unit or a mobile application, which switch modes of operation of inbuilt fans in the ventilation system frame (switch on, switch off, adjust). There is a control unit for industrial recuperators.

To order a calculation of a recuperator installation price

How to get a free of charge calculation of a recuperator installation price?

1. Take a picture of the wall both from inside and outside where you are going to install a recuperator;
2. Fill in an application form, attach the pictures of the wall and send us the form that you see here.
3. We will e-mail you a full calculation of recuperator installation process within an hour.

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