External and internal finishing works.

The production of external and finishing works is the final stage in the construction of a residential building, commercial or industrial building. The construction company ""Apkuremajai"" has more than 15 years of experience in providing construction services in Denmark.
We offer our clients high quality construction and finishing services at specific prices.

  • Installation of water supply and heating;
  • Electric installation work;
  • Roofing facade works, finishing and construction works.
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To order a calculation of a recuperator installation price

How to get a free of charge calculation of a recuperator installation price?

1. Take a picture of the wall both from inside and outside where you are going to install a recuperator;
2. Fill in an application form, attach the pictures of the wall and send us the form that you see here.
3. We will e-mail you a full calculation of recuperator installation process within an hour.

Get in touch with us using the phone number given below immediately and you will get a free consultation from our installation work specialists

Choose the parameters for cost calculations:

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