Sale and Installation of Ventilation Systems

Advantages of the Prana recuperators

Control of humidity levels in the premises is performed automatically, which helps fight against fungus, mould and allergy.
Air goes out through the heat exchanger, which allows to reuse energy for heating with the 9% efficiency factor.
Control of harmful gases. The system has four sensors.
Air quality sensor, carbon dioxide level sensor CO2, sensor of air pollution with harmful gases (natural gas, carbon monoxide, radon), temperature sensor, air humidity sensor.
“Auto” function is the autonomous control of ventilation system operation.
The system chooses independently a necessary operational mode in accordance with sensor indications. This is especially useful for houses with fireplaces, gas or stove heating where there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Ventilation. Decreases noise and pollution from outside. Thin cleaning and natural sanitizing of natural air (with copper). Provision and maintenance of a healthy microclimate. Prevents insects from getting into the premises.
Super quiet ventilation. Passive mode. Allows to get intake fresh air up to 6m3 an hour without using electricity and reusing of the heat to warm up intake air.
Quick installation helps to save considerably in comparison with centralized ventilation systems.
Рекуператоры PRANA

Ventilation Systems – PRANA recuperators

The best innovative system of energy efficient ventilation is the PRANA recuperator.

Prana recuperators present intake-extract countercurrent ventilation system (intake and extract processes work simultaneously without mixing of air currents). The frame of ventilation system is made of ABC food plastic. A highly effective copper heat exchanger is used as an air recuperator.


Residential model line of PRANA recuperators

Бытовая серия вентиляции PRANA

Semi-industrial model line of PRANA recuperators

Полупромышленная серия PRANA

Industrial model line of PRANA recuperators

Промышленная серия PRANA

Heat recuperator

the most up-to-date method of energy saving

When you choose an ordinary intake ventilation, you must remember that in a winter period the premises will be cooled down. It will not happen if you use systems with recuperation. Recuperation, that means return receipt, is becoming nowadays the most popular system. Heated air, which is extracted from inside the premises, transmits heat to cold air outside through the walls of a heat exchanger. Due to Prana recuperator the heat-utilization coefficient by the system reaches 91%. The fact that the system does not have filters allows to get fresh air whose energy quality coefficient comprises 95-97%. In summer it allows to maintain comfortable coolness of an air conditioner and this means double profit: firstly, you will need a less powerful, that is cheaper, air conditioner; and secondly, you will get considerable energy savings when using it (energy consumption of a Prana recuperator is up to 30 watt-hour in average).

Рекуператоры Climtec

Assistance in ventilation system installation, external and internal decoration work

External and decoration work is the final stage in the building of a residential house, trade centre and manufacturing building. The building company “Apkuremajai” has more than 15 years of experience in providing services in the sphere of building and construction in Denmark.
We offer our clients services of high quality and at specific prices in building and decoration processes.

  • Water supply system and heating installation.

  • Electric installation work.

  • Roof and façade work, decoration work and construction.

To order a calculation of a recuperator installation price

How to get a free of charge calculation of a recuperator installation price?

1. Take a picture of the wall both from inside and outside where you are going to install a recuperator;
2. Fill in an application form, attach the pictures of the wall and send us the form that you see here.
3. We will e-mail you a full calculation of recuperator installation process within an hour.

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